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I wish they were better educated, focused on more important issues, and were not obsessed with such stupid meaningless materialistic concerns.

I also remember learning how credit cards worked, when I sat with my mom as she placed an order over the phone!

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GRACE: Kirsten chilling on Felicity’s bed in Molly’s luau outfit. My mom thought the AG accessories were outrageously overpriced so she made a lot of doll clothes for my Samantha. LIZ: I remember this one red velour dress that I had from Target that she copied really well. LIZ: I think I definitely learned about branding from my American Girl doll experiences.

I knew enough to know that they weren’t the exact ones from the catalog, but they were pretty decent copies. I made a few outfits for my dolls when I was learning to sew, but it’s hard to sew tiny things with kid dexterity. I think the most impressive thing my mom did was make matching dresses for my AG dolls based on dresses I already had. The fact that other “non-AG” clothes and accessories fit Samantha and my Just Like Me doll just fine—and were a lot cheaper—was not unnoticed.

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