Dating someone with ms

Welcome to the world's leading forum on Multiple Sclerosis research, support, and knowledge. If you can be understanding when she doesn't feel up to it, be supportive when she is feeling low and enjoy the good times I think you will be fine! She is actually home right now due to a "flare up". I'm hoping we can have our second date either this weekend or next. You sound a lovely guy, interested, considerate and committed..

For over 10 years, This is MS has provided an unbiased community dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis patients, caregivers, and affected loved ones. I'm new to this forum so I'll apologize in advance if I ask questions that have been asked a million times before. She thought that her MS, and being on crutches, would have scared me off. There are many people on this site who do not have MS but are in relationships with people who have ms. When that happens she is in extreme pain, and has to stay in bed. I think your lady friend is perhaps a bit apprehensive and perhaps even in conflict - ie, she may lack the confidence to see in herself what you see in her.

“When people are diagnosed with a chronic illness they take an emotional hit,” says Rosalind Kalb, Ph D, director of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Professional Resource Center. ’” Your love life may have some twists and turns, but rest assured: People with MS can and do find meaningful, lasting relationships -- and have fun along the way.

After Ann Marie Johnson’s diagnosis in 2002 in her early 30s, “I had to learn about the new me,” she says.

Here is the reason for my post today: There is a woman at work who has MS. I get the feeling that she is hesitant to get into a relationship because of her MS. MS is not only a disease which messes with your body, but can totally screw with your mind in the process.

It is to the point where she uses crutches in order to walk. It leaves you feeling a shadow of your former self, makes you angry and frustrated, and very often afraid of what the future will bring.

If there's food involved, I may order something that doesn’t involve too much work with my hands.Online dating may be a way to get to know someone and feel comfortable with them before meeting in person.However, you should always be careful, especially when giving out personal information like your phone number and address.Remember, you should only do what makes you feel comfortable.Meeting someone for the first time can bring about some jitters with or without a disease. Proper planning may be needed, but it can go a long way toward making sure you have a great time.

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