Dating the book of genesis

How does Joseph explain to his brothers the reason for his being sold into Egypt and the purpose of his sufferings?

How can this perspective toward your own suffering make it possible for you to forgive someone who has grievously hurt you?

How does Potiphar's wife put pressure on her husband to get revenge on Joseph?

When you have been in a situation where you were treated unjustly, how did you feel about God's letting it happen?

First let me start with the basic outline of how old various manuscripts are.

The Dead Sea Scrolls (in Hebrew) are the oldest manuscripts, and are roughly from between 200BCE and 100CE.

In the case of the “two creation accounts,” Genesis 1 is said to be a “P” document (dating from the Babylonian or post-Babylonian Captivity period), while Genesis 2 is supposed to be a “J” narrative from the 9th century B. The arguments in support of this radical viewpoint are mainly twofold: (1) It is claimed that the two creation stories evidence different styles of writing.

(2) It is argued that the accounts conflict in that they reflect divergent concepts of deity, as well as mismatched records of the order of the creation events. Professor Kenneth Kitchen of the University of Liverpool has noted that “stylistic differences are meaningless” (p. Such differences may as much indicate a variance in the subject addressed, as a suggestion of multiple authors.

One of the foundational assumptions of this so-called “higher critical” viewpoint is that the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) was not authored by Moses.

The oldest Greek manuscripts (mostly the Septuagint translation) are much older than non-DSS Hebrew manuscripts.

They fall into two kinds of manuscripts: papyri and uncials.

It is common for liberal critics of the Bible to assert that the book of Genesis contains two accounts of the creation. “J” stands for “Jehovah,” since that name for God was prominent in certain sections.

Allegedly, these two records reflect different authors, different time periods, etc. [I]t is evident that the Pentateuch cannot be the continuous work of a single author. “E” signifies Elohim, a divine name allegedly identifying other portions.

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