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Mrs Bourne then listed what she considered to be Miss Withers' many social failings, including sleeping in when the rest of the house were up, taking a second helping at meals when not invited to do so and failing to send handwritten thank-you-notes.She also dismissed the couple's plans to hold their forthcoming £20,000 wedding reception at Berkeley Castle, Glos, as "brash, celebrity-style behaviour", suggesting that it would be "most ladylike and gracious" to lower her sights before adding a comment about Miss Withers' parents being "unable to contribute very much" to the cost of the wedding.Mrs Bourne ended the email with the stinging comment: "One could be accused of thinking Heidi Withers must be patting herself on the back for having caught a most eligible young man.I pity Freddie." In her interview, Miss Withers said: "It's hilarious to describe me as a ladette. "We always sent an email thanking them after a weekend visit, but after almost five years it seemed ridiculous to be sending hand-written notes when I was about to become part of the family.

Compare and contrast with other tropes about women who look/behave in a traditionally "masculine" way: the Tomboy (she might have been one when young); Bifauxnen (where the girl can effectively pass as a male - though ironically while lacking most of the 'masculine' behaviour of the Ladette); Pirate Girl; and Butch Lesbian (a bit of overlap, although most Ladettes are not gay or bi, and many Butch Lesbians don't have hedonistic lifestyles).They usually disdain the hassle of highly elaborate feminine clothing/hair/make-up, but don't often dress in a truly cross-dressing way.They are also generally attractive; an actually ugly Ladette is very unusual.It felt like a complete character assassination." Mrs Bourne, 60, sent the email to her future daughter-in-law following an unsuccessful visit to the Bourne family home in Devon in April.In it, she described Miss Withers as "the ideal candidate" for the Ladette to Lady television series and suggested she attend a finishing school to correct her "bad manners".

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