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The clientele differs by the app you’re using and plays a huge role in your success.

Online dating is the best way to meet people when and how you choose.

If you have an Internet connection love is at your fingertips.

With more apps and options than ever, where do you look for love online?

I found my incredible husband through Online Dating so I don't shy away from it as an amazing part of your "Inbound Man Marketing Plan."First, I'd like to tell you what I hear ALL the time. It's a horrible process." I ask, "How many dates did you go on?

" They respond, "Two."The most important thing to remember is that you only have to get it right once.

I know what you’re really thinking is, Most people place a blanket identity over online dating apps when you should really be treating a dating site or app like a bar.Scott Valdez, the president of a service called Virtual Dating Assistants that allows busy professionals to outsource online dating, and other professionals in the industry concur that each site has a different appeal (i.e.certain sites will attract different kinds of potential mates). Learn how to be interesting, kind, caring, and unselfish. If you have some childhood traumas deal with them now, with someone who can give you professional help. No man, no matter how right is going to make you happy. If you are overweight, consult your doctor and find out what is healthy for a woman your size. If you are boring and a one-dimensional person, finding an intellectually challenging man is not going to change who you are. (If you are not sure what they are, ask your mother! Learn some humility by volunteering to serve others. Get some counseling if you need to learn to be assertive or how to share your feelings. Big can be beautiful if you manage things correctly. To be a temporary fix until I decide I want something better? If you are hanging with a bunch of complainers who only know how to gripe, maybe it is time to find some new friends.

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A healthy, loving relationship can enhance many aspects of your life, from your emotional and mental well-being to your physical health and overall happiness.

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