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Myronn Codrington The Model Bus Federation has many scale drawings of buses and coaches that include variants of the MCW Metrobus.

Their Metrobus drawings published in past Journals include: Greater Manchester Mark 1 by Alan Johnson – Journal 210 London Mark 1 (Fleet numbers M1-1440) – Journal 362 Other drawings included in their file list which don’t appear to have been published include: 1980 by D Cole – Reference number 3 1979 Mark 1 (Single door) by T F Blois – Reference numbers 25 and 164 1979 Mark 1 (Dual door) by T F Blois – Reference number 165 1980 Mark 2 by T F Blois – Reference number 163 26/07/17 Two Queries for the Price of One Does anyone know how much the road fund tax for a 35-seat single deck bus taxed as a PSV would have been in 1965 please?

They were most impressive vehicles to ride on and could certainly get a move on.

They enabled the M&D contract to be worked by fewer vehicles at a more competitive price and were regularly used on tours, private hires and service work alike.

David Rawsthorn 03/08/17 MCW Metrobus I was wondering where I could find the technical drawings for the MCW Metrobus, I am doing a 3D project and wanted to bring this bus back to life so to speak for a bus simulator.

I saw the Leyland Atlantean on here and wondered if there was anyway to acquire those drawings for a model as well.

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04/08/17 Leylamd 680 Emissions Does anyone know of (or where I can find) the emissions data for the Leyland 680 diesel engine?

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