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Our team of Turkish translators and interpreters are standing by to help you communicate effectively whatever you need to say.

With around 70 million native speakers, Turkish is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages The first written records of Turkish were found in Mongolia on the Orkhon Inscriptions dating back to the early 8th century, written in the Old Turkic language using the Orkhon script.

Enlargement, widely regarded as the greatest single achievement of the European Union since the end of the Cold War, and occasion for more or less unqualified self-congratulation, has left one inconspicuous thorn in the palm of Brussels.

The furthest east of all the EU’s new acquisitions, even if the most prosperous and democratic, has been a tribulation to its establishment, one that neither fits the uplifting narrative of the deliverance of captive nations from Communism, nor furthers the strategic aims of Union diplomacy, indeed impedes them. Not, however, for reasons Brussels cares to dwell on.

Early in the twentieth century, a few artists realised art wasn’t simply a matter of the senses. It could be an inverted urinal or a black square on a black background.

Nor could art be identified with any particular material, content, form, technique, theme or colour, or any mix of these. It could be found anywhere, not just in the authorised studios, galleries and museums.

Not all words are so challenging though, you’ll be familiar with ‘yoghurt’ and ‘caviar’ and ‘tulips’ which have Turkish roots (no pun intended).The language of the Ottoman Empire was known as Ottoman Turkish and became the administrative language of the empire.Due to the influence of Islam on the language, Ottoman Turkish relied heavily on loan words from Persian and Arabic and, by the peak of the Empire’s power, comprised more words of Arabic origin than of native Turkish.The city-kingdoms of Cyprus welcomed Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, and Cyprus became part of his empire. During the 12th and 11th centuries several waves of Achaean Greeks come to settle on the island bringing with them the Greek language, their religion, their customs.After the rivalries for succession between Alexander's generals, Cyprus eventually came under the Hellenistic state of the Ptolemies of Egypt and from then on was part of the Greek Alexandrine world (310 - 30 B. The Ptolemies abolished the city-kingdoms and unified Cyprus. Remains of the oldest known settlement in Cyprus dating from this period can be seen in Khirokitia and Kalavassos (Tenta), off the Nicosia-Limassol road. They build new cities like Paphos, Salamis, Kition. The island from now on is progressively hellenised.

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