Updating firmware n82

Without the operator approval for an operator customized device, Nokia will not (contractually probably cannot) release a firmware update, even if a newer version is released for "generic" (retail, open market) devices without customization.

As the N82 is already end-of-life, timing is not an issue there; all firmware versions Nokia is ever going to make for the N82 has already been made (i.e., there are no newer versions coming).

A given model can be sold with over hundred different product codes, as the product code changes when ever a different language/regional version of the firmware is used, when ever an operator customized firmware is used, or even if the sales package changes in any way (e.g., if Nokia adds or removes a paper flyer in a package, but everything else stays the same, those devices get assigned a different product code).

Kevin from the S60 Blogs told us a while back that the N82 is the first S60 device to have something called “User Data Preservation” that is supposed to keep everything on your mobile just the way it was, even after a software update.

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Just got my hands on a German N82 with firmware V 20.0.062.

I was doing some research online and found out that there are firmware updates up to V 35.... Since my autorotate really sucks (very slow response) and in general I want to have my device up to date I want to do an update but PC Suite and OVI keep telling me that there are no updates available. Is there a connection with my productkey or whats wrong?? Tnx cheers What firmware version Nokia offers depends on an embedded product code variable (a number which identifies the phone "variant" to Nokia).

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